Exoqure - Biomanufacturing towards innovative regenerative health solutions.

About Us


ExoQure, was founded with a desire to advance the state of regenerative medicine and to become #1 Leader in Marketing and Distribution of Advanced Regenerative products. We are vigorously working with our Research and Distribution partners all over the globe to bring our products to the medical communities in other Countries. Within a year of its inception, our Partner Manufacturer designed and started operations in an ISO Class 7 compliant clean room facility, conceptualized and launched a suite of Wharton’s jelly products, developed an extensive product pipeline across a range of clinical applications, and established a portfolio of intellectual property. ExoQure portfolio of products includes, WJ-MSCs, EVs and growth media.

These groundbreaking products apply to a wide range of clinical applications and provide a foundation on which ExoQure together with our Partner in manufacturing are developing new regenerative technologies at the intersection of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and human cell and tissue applications.