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ExoQure manufacturing partner uses Good Tissue Manufacturing Practices and Facilities throughout our end-to-end GMP process.

  • MSCs from healthy Wharton’s Jelly after a live birth
  • Donated and obtained with the informed consent of the mother
  • CLIA lab screened for pathogens before shipping to ExoQure
  • CLIA lab screened after expansion to confirm viability, identity and safety


ExoQure’s MSCs come from the Wharton’s Jelly in human umbilical cords. Donated after a live birth, these are healthy young stem cells with the highest potential to proliferate into a wide variety of useful cells.

Our MSCs are derived non-invasively, unlike those removed surgically from a patient’s body, have increased repair capacity and are less likely to be diseased or damaged than MSCs from adult donors.


Our Manufacturing Laboratory proprietary process isolates MSCs from Wharton’s jelly in the umbilical cord and rapidly expands their population, enabling us to manufacture the highest quality MSCs. Our aseptic process follows FDA's guidelines for human cell manufacturing control for IND applications.

Wharton's Jelly (WJ) Manufacturing Process

Receiving Inspection
UC WJ Dissected
WJ Tissue Dissociated
MSCs isolated, cultured to low passage
Final Inspection